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Member details for sade776

Last updated: 25 Jan 2017

To save room on the page we use the term disabled to indicate those with disabilities, special need or a medical condition.


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Family type: Two parent family
Siblings: 0
Disabled siblings: 1
Nov 2014 Male
Relationship: Mother
Conditions: Silver-Russell syndrome (34)
Brief summary: My son and I live in Torbay My LB is a happy and funny little man He make his daddy and I very proud in everything he does He also loves playing with his pet dog ????

Location: Torbay
Languages spoken: english
Member since: 25 Jan 2017
Full story:
My LB was born at a low weight, 4lb 13oz. After that he struggled gaining weight so we were going to and from hospital trying to figure out what may be the problem. The last 2 years have been stressful and worrying. He's had blood test, brain and abdominal scans which have all be good, thank god! He recently had a chromosome test which had come back positive for Russell-Silver Syndrome. Neither my OH or myself had ever heard of this. Although we have finally found out and the worrying and stress has gone from figuring it out, it's still there about how we will cope with it and how he will cope with it in later life. I have full confidence in my hospital, family and my LB that things will be good and we will get the help we need though ????

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