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Member details for gemsangels

Last updated: 14 Jul 2014

To save room on the page we use the term disabled to indicate those with disabilities, special need or a medical condition.


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Family type: One parent family
Siblings: 2
Disabled siblings: 1
Nov 2005 Male
Relationship: Mother
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity... (474)
Autistic Spectrum disorders... (1105)
Brief summary: My son is being assesed for atisum and bi polar

Location: Torbay
Languages spoken: english
Member since: 14 Jul 2014
Full story:
My son has behavioural problems and is being assesed for atisum and bi polar but hopefully they will look at all of his behaviour he becomes very violent towards myself and sometimes towards his brother and little sister he is a nightmare outside runs in front of cars or sits in the middle of the path and refuses to move he is very scary when he has an episode

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