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also listed as Palmoplantar Keratoderma;Greithers syndrome;Hyperkenatosis Keratoderma;Keratosis Palmaris et Plantaris Hereditarium/Unna-Thorst disease;Keratosis Pilaris;Keratosis Pilaris Atrophicus

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East Riding of Yorkshire ( Yorkshire and the Humber )

Oct 2000  female
Family type: two parent family
Siblings: 2
Disabled siblings: 1
Username: benny73
Relationship: Mother
Other conditions: None

Last updated: 26 Mar 2009
Brief summary: my daughter has thickened skin on her hands and feet my husband has the same condition,we have seen a specialist and think it is quite rare we would like to get in touch with anyone else who has this condition as we,re not quite sure how to treat it

Hertfordshire ( East of England Region )

May 2007  male
Family type: two parent family
Siblings: 1
Disabled siblings: 0
Username: Joelsmummy
Relationship: Mother
Other conditions: None

Last updated: 04 Sep 2012
Brief summary: My son was diagnosed with Palmer Plantar Keratoderma (PPK) about 4 years ago. He has thickened, discoloured skin on his hands and feet which sometimes blisters. He sees specialists at St Thomas' hospital, London

location not given

Nov 2009  not given
Family type: not given
Siblings: 0
Disabled siblings: 0
Username: adam1965
Other conditions: None

Last updated: 16 Nov 2009
Brief summary: not given

Sep 1999  female
Family type: two parent family
Siblings: 2
Disabled siblings: 1
Username: ellenjean
Relationship: Mother
Other conditions: None

Last updated: 15 Jan 2006
Brief summary: keratosis palmaris my daughter has the condition on her hands and feet. My partner, his father, brother and son all the condition. Its thickening of the skin on the hands and feet. Do you know of any new treatments available or trials being conducted.

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